A film review from a philosophical standpoint, looking from the outside-in.

Screenshot from “Native Son” (2019)

Disclaimer: This article gives spoilers and analysis of the film“Native Son” (2019).

I may be late to the party since the movie came out in 2019, and shortly after watching it, I realize the story is based off of the book, “Native Son” by Richard Wright published in 1940. But the modernized story will never lose relevance as it has progressed 80 years, and is today, still relevant.

On HBO Max, I simply scrolled upon the movie and decided to give it a chance due to the notable cinematography of A24 and iconic actor Ashton Sanders, who starred in the…

A Pandemic Reflection

Photo from Unsplash by Priscilla Du Preez

When I had a problem or wanted to escape, that’s always exactly what I did. In high school, my first friend that had a car would always allow me to escape with him to Los Angeles whenever I didn’t want to be home. We would go up to Griffith Observatory after getting cheap drive-thru food. We were only 16, no money, no responsibilities outside of waking up at 7am, being lectured in the cemented halls with hundreds of peers, and walking out of the black, tall gates at 2:55pm. …

An outcast is to be self-isolated, or an extreme introvert for being different.

Unsplash photo by Ryan Tauss

My story

I’ll tell a generic beginning: I moved schools from second to third grade. In the second grade, I remember myself being social and happy; I have proof from my Kodak disposable film photos. But from this move, I had a dramatic shift in personalty.

Somehow, it was a lot harder for me to make friends. I felt off from many kids, but after observing, I noticed my life was different from a lot of theirs.

I went to a school with all-white teachers, where my classmates were picked up in nice, new cars. Those in my area had huge houses…

Screenshot from Disney+

New Pixar film “Soul” broke barriers with the name of their company. The movie innovated its way in the conversation of the touchy topic such as life and death (as well as the complexities in between) in the form of a Black-told narrative. There are two reasons, especially, why this in itself is crucial.

The Black narrative

After all, Disney received harsh criticisms for “The Princess and the Frog,” the first Black princess portrayed in the 1920’s in the town of New Orleans, to be historically inaccurate and insensitive. Many critics have their eyebrows raised as Disney and Pixar release “Soul.”

This movie…

Technology is changing human lives more than human lives are changing technology.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

In documentary film, The Social Dilemma trending on Netflix, director Jeff Orlowski creates a breakthrough statement within the evolution of social media and popular search engines. He gives us special insight from innovators of highly-used apps and technology, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They leave their viewers of the documentary informed, but most of all, scared.

The other day, I noticed a young boy, who must have been in his first years of elementary school, pick flowers out of the ground for his mother. Her face lit up with the simple notion of receiving a little bundle of flowers. These natural sentiments have constantly represented a feeling of delicate life, admiration, or a touch of vibrancy within an environment. This is whether they are weaved throughout a neighborhood, or freshly-picked for a loved one. Fresh flowers being gifted is truly a sentimental representation world-wide. In Greece, for example, they were associated with the gods.

In today’s…

My first experience in San Fransisco was two weeks before the world came to a closure. I purchased my camera a few days before this trip, and it wasn’t intended for anything specific. I just knew that I enjoyed little moments in citylife, living through it and noticing the novelty that’s so different from my own environment in Southern California. San Fran is an iconic city with its own marks of culture, little treasures in architecture and spontaneous color that could only be marked as its name.

Throughout the neighborhoods, there was a sense of playfulness that came from the…

Jazmine Myleigh

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